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  A few short videos to help you get to grips with and promote the FS7 and FS700 camera setups 

FS7 E-mount to B4 2/3" ENG lens adaptor review - MTF Services

John Fry of tests out the MTF Services 2/3" B4 to E-mount lens adaptor on his Sony PXW FS7.

Filmed on our Sony NEX FS700, which the ENG adaptor also works with. This is a full review with sample footage from the FS7 and a Canon HJ11 lens.

FS7 RAW output to Odyssey 7Q Quick Start

A Quick tutorial to setting up RAW output and recording it from the Sony PXW-FS7 to an external recorder such as a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q.

FS700: Sony vs Nikon Lens Comparison Review

How do picture quality and focal lengths of Sony and Nikon lenses compare with an adaptor on the FS700? Using the Odyssey 7Q as main recorder for optimal quality, John tests the full range.

FS700 4K Promo video with Odyssey 7Q

A little promo for the 4K setup with the FS700, if you are hiring the camera from us you might like to use this video to promote the setup to  your clients.

How to set up slow motion filming on the FS700 FAST

Helpfully, there's the S&Q button on the side of the FS700 allowing one press access to the slow motion, and indeed time-lapse recording modes.

FS700 picture profiles & focal length comparisson

Take a look at the different frame sizes allowed from 10mm to 200mm and the difference between pictures profiles, S-Log2, ITU709 and Off.

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  FS700 NEWS            New Music Video filmed entirely on our FS700 & Steadicam! View HERE!
Odyssey 7Qs 4K recorder monitor hire rental UK South WestSony 10-18mm f4 OSS wide lens hire UK FS700Our FS700 Camera now has the S-Log2 + 709 gamma and 4K RAW upgrade & the FS7 has RAW output

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