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News Highlights:    4K SLog3 on Steadicam with my Sony FS7 & built-in Odyssey7Q backup! 
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Steadicam Hire from Operator John E Fry Arri Alexa London Pinewood Shepperton
                         from owner / operator / instructor John E Fry

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STEADICAM adds huge production value,  
achieves otherwise impossible shots, 
& can save time and money


   TV Producers  - Steadicam is faster to reposition than even a tripod!
   Documentary Crews - Steadicam can precede a presenter almost anywhere!
   Short Film Makers - Steadicam adds Hollywood production value easily!
   Feature Producers - Steadicam costs less than loads of tracking & grips!
   Music Video - Steadicam gives precise, dynamic shots nothing else can!

    ABOUT JOHN:   

   "Friendly, talented, practical & professional

London filming Steadicam Operator UK John Fry Master Steadicam & Sony PMW-F3      John has worked with big rigs for almost 10 years, during which time he has operated Steadicam on everything from high budget feature films, TV documentaries, & independant movies, to news, corporate films, commercials and music videos. John also instructs the National Film & Television School Steadicam Course and supplies kit & crew to productions of all scales. John knows many top film & TV professionals nearby & can supply a whole crew if needed. He's worked with famous Steadicam Operators, presenters, and actors, so is used to giving the best results whatever the job, in or out of London.

     With a degree in Film & TV Production from Bournemouth University, and over a decade's experience operating Steadicam in almost every production environment, John is the ideal person to advise you on Steadicam use for whatever shots you may think of using it -  & many you haven't! John's YouTube channel has over 350,000 views!

 "Getting the shot is the most important thing, & that involves working with you to make it happen artistically, practically, safely and within the budget"


  A Steadicam is a body worn motion picture camera and camcorder stabilising system, moving the camera with smooth, fluid movement wherever a human being can go, up stairs, over rough ground, through doorways and on vehicles. The enormous flexibilty of a Steadicam inlcudes moving from one environment to another seemlessly, from outside to indoors, up stairs & along a corridor, off of a lift into a van, all of which can be done together in one smooth, natural feeling unbroken shot!

Here's John with Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown at Pinewood Studios
Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown & John E Fry at Pinewood Studios in 2015 

   Here's a video explaining a bit more what a Steadicam is and how it works from when John operated Steadicam on the BBC Springwatch programme. Presented by Euan McIlwraith and filmed by famous cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones for BBC Springwatch Extra.

   The Steadicam was invented by a wonderful and very tall chap called Garrett Brown (left) in Philadelphia, USA in the late 1970s, and started to catch the attention of some of Hollywoods biggest players straight away. One of those was a certain Stanley Kubirck, who immediately saw the potential for this new invention in storytelling and cinematic terms, and made incredible use of it in 'The Shining' which is still seen as a milestone in Steadicam use, chroeography & operating. Garrett continues to work with Tiffen teaching and developing new Steadicam innovations.

Steadicams Operator, 4K Cameras, Crew & Accessories!
    Hire John and get access to all the toys he has, including:
  • Several full Steadicam rigs to suit whatever your camera setup
  • Various broadcast & large sensor 4K & HD Cameras & lenses
  • Steadicam Assistants, focus pullers, sound recordists & other crew
  • Remote Follow Focus, low mode kit & wireless HD monitoring
  • Professional lighting, sound & more accessories
    Steadicam can add the most incredible production value, scale & perspective to any production, if used properly, so if you are unsure if it will work for your film, artistically, practically or financially, do give John a call to discuss the options. John can bring a Steadicam to suit all situations, from lightweight rigs for running & small cameras like EX3s & DSLRs, to the Big Rigs for 35mm & digital film cameras.  See more in 'Equipment'

RED Epic Steadicam London John E Fry Operator   Here's John filming a feature drama on RED Epic near London this year. Steadicam is a trade mark of Tiffen.

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Steadicam Operator Hire UK John Fry film

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