Video & Films Equipment Reviews and Tutorials
We get asked about the equipment we have on offer to use and to hire out, so we occasionally produce videos about the kit to help hirers and clients, as well as for the general interest of the filmmaking world at large.

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Equipment Review & Tutorial Films include:
FS7 E-mount to B4 2/3" ENG lens adaptor review - MTF Services
FS7 RAW output to Odyssey 7Q Quick Start
FS7 ENG lens test footage - Martin Down, Salisbury in 4K
Choosing the right camera for the job, large sensor or not!
FS700 4K + Odyssey 7Q + Cameraman for hire, UK & abroad!
FS700 Picture Profiles & Sony Zoom Lens Review - SLog-2 709 footage
Sony FS700: How to setup slow motion filming FAST!
FS700: Sony vs Nikon Lens Comparison Review
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera quick review by Cameraman John Fry - BMPCC
Nikon D800 - Menu settings for clean HDMI video output
OB Unit Hire & HD Multicam Showreel from FRYFILM

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